American Sports Cars Of 2013

Welcome to our website!  Everyone has their favorite car.  From the muscular Chevy Corvette or Dodge Viper to the sleek Ford Mustang there is a perfect car out there for anyone.  Here we focus on the exciting year of 2013 and take a look at some of the great cars that were introduced to the world that year!  The cars seem to keep getting faster and faster every year and each model year seems to be more exciting than the last.  This trend shows no signs of slowing down and we intend to keep you updated on all the fun coming around the corner!

 Here let’s look at some of the best looking cars and fastest cars of 2013 and some of our sponsors.

 Dodge Viper 2013
Dodge Viper has long been one of the most admired and beautiful cars on the road.  Everything about is says speed and strength – including the 640 horse power.  From the over sized Rims to the long wheel base there is plenty to get excited about this model year and every year.  It has been knocked as too heavy to control at high speeds and poor traction but it is a joy to drive and will certainly get attention!
2013 Chevy Corvette
The Chevrolet Corvette has been a premier racing car for nearly 60 years in America.  The look and performance have had their ups and downs but one thing cannon be denied – the 2103 is strong and pretty with anywhere from 430 to 638 horsepower at the ready.  Hard to deny that this car has changed American racing for ever!
2013 Ford Mustang
The 2013 Ford Mustang does not disappoint this year!  The horse power doesn’t stack up against the Corvette or the Viper but the price tag is also much lower.  305 to 444 horse power will still get you where you need to get in a hurry and the ride is more comfortable than you might think.  There were some years where the mustang lacked but muscle and looks but those days are long gone and it is a great American icon. Thank you to Edmunds for putting out a simple calendar of events so all car enthusiasts know when they need to be where to see the latest in American muscle cars!

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